Home Made Nexus 7 Case

The Nexus7 is great for throwing into a bag but I was a bit worried about it sliding round in mine and marking the screen. So I grabbed a knife and some glue and knocked up the old “cigarettes in the bible” trick.

$7 note book becomes Nexus 7 case. Kaching!

1 – Get a brush and brush the glue down the outer edges of the pages letting the glue seep into the pages. The glue is watered down PVA (basic white wood glue, seems to be called different things all over the world); I mixed about 30% glue to 70% water. The pages crinkle a bit as they get wet so go carefully. In this instance I only glued the right and bottom edges coz I knew I was going to cut the top right out. Let it set for 10-15 mins. CLEAN your brush.

2 – Rule up the shape on the top page. Get a steel ruler and a new/very sharp craft knife. Cut through the layers removing sections as you go. Take care, keep your knife straight, best to be patient and not rush that part.

All the sections should (hopefully) hold together fairly well due to the outer edges being glued.

3 – Get your brush and this time glue the inside edges of the pages. Go over them a couple of times. I also pasted the back of the pages down onto the inside cover cardboard of the book.

4 – Close the book (be careful, if there’s extra glue about you don’t want to glue the book shut). Place flat weights on it so it sets flat (I used 2 MacBooks). Let it set/dry for about 30 mins.

5 – BAM…!

Karl Smith is a New Zealander living in Melbourne, Australia. He's an art and design, tech, and pop culture enthusiast. Previous gigs include musician, concierge, picture framer, designer and product manager.