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(Not really) BREAKING NEWS

Traditional news media has struggled to keep up with the real-time revolution of Twitter and other social media when it comes to breaking events. CCN’s botching of the live Boston Bombing coverage is well documented, and national TV news was nowhere to be seen during Wendy Davis’s filibustering of the controversial Texas abortion bill.

So it’s with a heavy dose of unintended irony that, with nearly 9 months advance notice with which to get organised, traditional media subjected us to repeated live crosses to the hospital where the #royalbaby would be born, with literally no news to deliver.

In case you missed that: traditional news media gave us continual, real-time updates of NO ACTUAL NEWS.

Last night a ticker ran across the bottom of my TV screen with:

Spokesperson: Things are progressing normally.

Prince Charles was shown on his way into the hospital with this exclusive quote:

“I have absolutely no information.”

No information? Don’t fucking report it then.

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