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NBA 2K just dropped their #WINNING (why not #TIGERBLOOD?) trailer. It’s interesting. Some stuff looks genuinely great, and other stuff looks, well, weird. Here’s a few GIFs calling out some points of interest:

Mouth guards! Because authenticity. And who doesn’t want mouth guard animations?

Passing! Actually this looks pretty great. Hands reaching to meet the ball in it’s arc (noticeable lack of warping/snapping) and check out the ball’s rotation change on the bounce pass – that’s actually pretty impressive.

Follow through! 2K15 already had great follow through animations on jumpshots. These look much more varied and true to life.

Cold dead eyes! Paul Pierce’s face is some sort of weird digital enigma. It seems to be impossible to get a good likeness of him in a video game.

Players from Madame Tussauds™ come to life! What happens when wax figures come to life and start sweating? Now we know.