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A LeBron Theory

LeBron purposely decimated his own team through internal pressure so his eventual trip back to the finals appears all the more impressive, giving further fuel to the “Jordan or LeBron” dialogue.

“It’s all part of the plan.”





Blerging About I/O

Chris Lacy kindly asked me to join him on The Blerg, re-treading some ground from his first I/O Keynote breakdown with Koush Dutta.

Chris had more thoughts on the keynote in the days since, and wanted to get me on the horn to sound out a few ideas and hear my impressions of the presentation. Have a listen here:

The Blerg #26: Google I/O Keynote followup with Karl Smith

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Google I/O Prediction: Hangouts

The I/O keynote is in a few hours, and while there’s been a ton of announcements and app updates leading up to the event there’s been no mention of Google’s maligned Hangouts app. So here’s my fearless prediction: expect a huge Hangouts announcement/release to a standing ovation during the keynote.

There’s just no way the app has been lacking in features and overall stability for this long (not to mention the apparent favouring of the iOS version of the app over Android) without the Google team having something up their sleeves.

Hangouts :(

UPDATE: Prediction wrong! Hangouts was just as neglected at I/O as it seems to be in it’s day-to-day life. Google did announce a new messaging app that seems to be targeted much more at the mass-market, including stickers and a built in Google assistant (don’t call it a bot?). Also announced was Duo, a one-to-one video chat app which looks very promising indeed – low friction, simple to use, good quality video!

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Google Play Music: Fix Incorrect Match

Google Play Music: Fix Incorrect Match

If you’ve been wondering what to do when Google picks a bad match for one of your uploaded songs, wonder no more: you can force Play Music to revert to your original upload using the web interface.

Go to: My Library > List by Songs > Filter: Purchased and Uploaded — then right click and Fix Incorrect Match.

Via: @GooglePlayMusic & @AndrewKam