The train station jingle composer

While most train stations alert passengers with basic dings and dongs, metro riders in Japan are treated to uniquely crafted melodies. Minoru Mukaiya is the mastermind behind these jingles—he’s made around 200 distinct chimes for over 110 stations. For Minoru, there’s no greater joy than bringing a little bit of music to millions across Japan every day.

Great Big Story
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The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases

While the US government may dismiss these ‘unknowns’ as mere statistical anomalies, the fundamental questions remains: What did people see?

I’m a huge fan of sci-fi and unknown phenomena, but also a complete skeptic when it comes to the theory that UFOs are ‘alien’ in nature. The culture around UFO ‘believers’ is fascinating to me, but I perk up even more when I see legitimate open-minded skepticism, analysis and investigation.

Once you’re done with the video, you can view all the research material here.


Stu Maschwitz made this super-rad short film. The short is great (watch it full screen with your headphones way up), but the making-of is even more fascinating – full of in-depth After Effects minutiae, and filmmaking methods and processes.

The way I made TANK is a little crazy. I made it entirely in Adobe After Effects, with equal parts animation elbow grease and nerdy expressions madness. This video is part behind-the-scenes, part After Effects tutorial, and part therapy session.

The Orchestra Hit

Ear Worm is an excellent series, but this episode is just outright completely fucking rad. Learn about how the “ORCH2/ORCH5” stab became so popular by way of a modern music history lesson.

1984 Dave Letterman losing his shit watching someone program a sequencer with a light-pen on a CRT display? I’m in.

Red Dead 4K: The Redemptioning

In the midst of announcing a massive drop of backwards compatible and enhanced games, Microsoft released a 500MB update to Red Dead Redemption enabling 4K on the world’s most powerful console.

This. Is. Fucking. Amazing.

Most observers reckoned 4K for RDR would never come due to the engineering of the game – many thought the resolution was baked-in for performance reasons. But it seems the Back Compat team at Microsoft are wizards indeed.

So how does it look?


I mean, it’s ridiculous how good it looks. The 360 version (which is also what ran on the initial Back Compat version) was noticeably blurry and shimmery, especially in motion. It still looked great though, and you did get the impression that R* had put a lot more under the hood than the hardware was capable of displaying. And now we know that’s the case.

The result is that Read Dead Redemption is now – again – a joy to play.

More recommended Read Dead:

Finding John Marsden – A wonderful short doc from Polygon about Rob Weithoff, the voice of John Marsden

In depth review (thinreaper) – One of the best game reviews/critiques I’ve ever invested an hour and a half in

Other Places 2013-2017

Other Places is/was a short film series by Andy “ultrabrilliant” Kelly. Over 4 years, Kelly published over 75 videos showcasing the gorgeous landscapes, cityscapes, vistas and horizons he experienced in videos games.

Watch all the videos on YouTube, or peruse the full list of featured games.

I watched them, Andy. I watched them.

RIP Wes Johnson

There’s a moment – after the step back, after the look down… just the briefest of moments – when Harden relaxes his shoulders even more and spins the ball before bombing the three. That is cold blooded.

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A Researcher Just Found A 9,000-Video Network Of YouTube Conspiracy Videos


Albright said the results suggest that the conspiracy genre is embedded so deeply into YouTube’s video culture that it could be nearly impossible to eradicate.

“It’s already tipped in favor of the conspiracists, I think,” Albright told BuzzFeed News. “There are a handful of debunking videos in the data. They can’t make up for the thousands of videos with false claims and rumors.”

Albright also suggested that the proliferation of these videos makes it more attractive for others to create this content.

To anyone who dabbles in occasional conspiracy-theory deep dives on YouTube, this rings true. There is an absolute avalanche of dipshit conspiracies on YouTube, and most people lack the mental dexterity to tell that a video is playing loose with the facts – especially if it meshes nicely with their existing worldview.

Less common is the conspiracy parody. The Outline absolutely nailed it with this gem:

I’ve often thought a conspiracy channel would be an easy way to make some quick beer money, but it seems I’m much too late to the game.

Or am I?

Yes, I am.

ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History

Some thoughts:

  • Lavine vs Gordon is the gold standard in 1v1 dunk contests
  • Gordon’s two mascot dunks are both top ten all time dunk contest dunks
  • Jordan had an innate understanding of how his dunks would photograph (always watch his off-hand)
  • What is it about Dominique’s off the backboard one-hander that is so good?
  • Ceballos’ blindfold dunk is whack af
  • Des Mason is a underrated dunker
  • Josh Smith too
  • Nate had some hops boy
  • Lol at Spud Web getting any 50s at all
  • I forgot about the McGee double dunk
  • Also forgot about Oladipo’s 360 reverse goddamn
  • Controversial opinion: Jason Richardson might have better one-hand windmills than ‘Nique
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Ellen is Leaving

Ellen is cool. She is recycling stuff before she heads overseas including her boyfriend. She decides to gift him to a new girlfriend, but can she really give him up?

Starring Tai Berdinner Blades, Jack Sergent-Shadbolt, and Rose Young
Written by Martha Hardy-Ward
Directed by Michelle Savill

For more by NZ director, Michelle Savill (who I know from my Hamiltron days), check out her doco for Vice, The Last Man of Mahana.

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