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  • Hyper Reality

    This seems worryingly prescient.

  • Humans fighting giant beasts! I’ll pass.


    How many games shown at E3 featured humans fighting giants, or giant beasts, or zombies? I’ll admit the games look well executed, but can we get some new concepts? God damn.

    Over the last few days I’ve actually convinced myself that Steep from Ubisoft might be a game I could really get into. The intro/reveal felt stiff (can scripted game intros get any worse?) but the idea of it has grown on me. I described it to a friend as Skate but on a mountain range – which seems like a phrase the PR people should have used to sell it.

    Increasingly I’m looking for fun gameplay experiences that don’t demand solid 2-3 hour blocks of my time (sorry, Metal Gear Solid V, I love you so much but I’m also a husband and dad). Ori and the Blind Forest filled that spot really well for me – a game that is as rewarding in 20 minute blocks as it is in 2 hours of play.

    Steep genuinely looks like something I can add into my unwind-at-home routine really easily: an open world mountain I can ride pretty much endlessly, while finding new lines and spots.

    Register for the Steep beta.
    15 mins of gameplay (Polygon).
    15 mins of gameplay (IGN).

  • Fuck You Brandon

    A man is fired from his job on Mars.

  • Barney’s film had heart, but dildo to the face had a dildo to the face.

    Steven Joyce enjoys a rubbery, pink protest.