Interview: MyColorscreen – Where Technology Meets Art

MyColorscreen sprung up recently with the goal of nurturing a community around homescreens. It’s tag-line, Where Technology Meets Art, is apt: almost 1,000 beta members have posted thousands of beautiful homescreen captures. In the spirit of customization the site itself allows incredible flexibilty – different devices, orientations and even custom backgrounds for your homescreen page are included, you can provide your wallpaper for download, and the site allows you to tag items in the image solving the ever-repeating “what widget is that” question. Sounds like a lot, but wait there’s more: also provided are embeddable codes for direct linking and posting to blogs or forums.

If you’ve never visited MyColorscreen open this in a new tab, marvel at it’s beauty and function, then head back here and read our catchup with its founder, Peach.

Hi! Thanks for the taking the time to talk. Can you introduce yourself? Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Peachanan Rojwongsuriya or simply Peach. I am a full-time senior web designer/developer, freelance illustrator and a tech entrepreneur from Bangkok, Thailand. I am also the founder of and I work full time as a web designer but usually spend my free time on my startups or doing freelance web design work.

You’re the founder, designer, admin and soul behind What inspired you to found the site?

The inspiration came after I bought my first Android phone, HTC Hero. It opened me to the world of customization and personalization. After spending a lot of time customizing my phone, I realized that there are not many ways for me to show off what I did with my phone, and so was born. I wanted to create a place where people can showcase their unique home screens and get appreciated for their time spent on customizing it.

The site is, frankly, stunning. You’ve iterated rapidly with many features coming out regularly. Is it tough to balance the design and coding?

Thanks. I did spent almost 2 months to came up with the design that answers well to the work flow I created for MyColorscreen. I got a lot of web design/coding knowledge from my daily work and so I decided to do it all myself.  It was quite a challenge to manage all these elements myself but it turned out pretty well.

I mostly spent the first phase of building MyColorscreen to came up with the art direction for everything MyColorscreen related. This saved me a lot of time when rolling out new functions because all design directions were made clearly before the site was built.

Is it a custom back-end, or are you building on an existing CMS framework?

MyColorscreen was built on top of WordPress installation. I chose WordPress because the infrastructure are very similar from what I was looking for and this allows me to focus more on custom functions and design elements.

Holy crap, bro. That’s some amazing WordPress hackery! You’re currently in an invite-BETA period. What’s the response been like so far? Are you managing the scaling OK? Do you have an open sign-up date in mind?

Thanks! I have lost count of how many custom hacks I did to make it work. :) The response has been great so far. Users continue to contribute and interact more and more. The scaling is still on track as we are closely controlling the number of registrations. I have not finalized the launch date yet as I would like the mobile experience to be improved more before launching it. We might be adding invitation system for users soon though.

What’s surprised you about the site, the users, the submissions or the overall experience so far?

In terms of users, I was surprised about the portion of users between Android and iOS. I thought iOS users would swarm the site, but I was so wrong.

Regarding the overall experience, I was pretty surprised about users ideas for new functions. Some of the functions I introduced recently were suggested by our users in one of our open discussion posts in our blog, which I would never have thought of it as important. For example, the Zoom function where you can view the original screen in full size which was suggested by Tommy Nee Crosby.

MyColorscreen strikes me as being a little like Flickr was a couple years ago: you could dump tons of photos in lots of online services, but Flickr was the place where you would only show your best work. Do you see that with My Colorscreen when compared to the bulk homescreen topics on places like XDA and

In MyColorscreen vision, we would like to create a home for your devices. We are not competing with any other posts on XDA or, what we do is we provide a service and tools for you to share on those forums. We provide embeddable codes that allow users to easily share their home screens on these forums. For instance, the All Screens pack for web-board embeddable code which allows users to copy and paste the code into any forums they want, and it will display the screens and link back to MyColorscreen for more detail.

So you’re still packing the HTC Hero? I’ve been to MBK, I know there’s no shortage of phones in Bangkok! What phone are you eyeing up next?

Sadly, I am still on HTC Hero. Haha, you are right! MBK is full of cheap phones, but because of Custom Gingerbread ROM by Cronos over at Cronos Project, I still find my phone usable thanks to the power of customization. With Gingerbread, and several overclocks, my phone is able to handle applications I need.

So what’s next for MyColorscreen. And what’s next for Peach?

MyColorscreen will be mobile friendly, that I can tell you. We are committed to creating MyColorscreen as one of the creative communities out there, and there’s a lot more features to come.

For me, I will be putting a lot more effort to expand MyColorscreen and to create a product that will keep MyColorscreen active. Other than that, I will be doing more freelance jobs, and start building my knowledge on tech startups, designs, and web technologies. Watch out for my new venture. :)

Thanks, Peach. Any last words for the Android community out there?

We would like to invite all android enthusiasts to help build MyColorscreen and show the world the creative side of technology!

One recommendation for future application developers out there, simply just do it. If you have an idea for an application, just implement it and everything will fall into place. Don’t hesitate if you are a foreigner who are not in the US. With the age of Internet, I personally believe that we can create a product for global users, no matter where you are.

Great, encouraging words there from Peach. If you’re an Android enthusiast and love customizing your homescreen visit MyColorscreen now and sign up for a BETA invite!

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