Lion’s Inverted Scroll

How do you Lion users find the “opposite” scroll? Haven’t used it yet, but seems mental to me that they’ve forgone decades of UI convention to align this operation on a desktop OS closer to a touch device.

By getting used to the inverted scroll do you eventually imagine your fingers actually grabbing the screen and flinging it up – al-la a touch screen?

Here’s noted Apple-banger, John Gruber:

“My number one Lion tip: No matter how wrong it feels, stick with the new trackpad scrolling direction. Give it a week. At first it will drive you far crazier than you expect, but then you’ll get used to it.”

But… WHY?

Why the hell should we subject ourselves to a week of pain, when there is NOTHING broken with the current convention? If inverting will “drive you far crazier than you expect” then how is it an improvement worth inflicting on millions of users?

2 thoughts on “Lion’s Inverted Scroll

  1. The future is touch screen devices. When I first got my iPad and immersed myself in it for a couple of weeks, when went back to my MacBook Pro I actually wanted to use my fingers to scroll the screen! It won’t be long before the old way of scrolling seems wrong to most of us. You will need to endure this pain at some point, might as well be now.

    FWIW, it’s driving me a little crazy, but it does seem natural once you reorient your brain each time you trip up.

  2. Really not a fan of Lion in general. The scroll part was one of the most annoying, but the real debilitating feature pull was the Carbon applications! No more awesome VSTs and Diablo 2!

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