What is fragmentation, really?

Noted Apple-banger, all round reality distortionaire and snarktopus, John Gruber, recently posted these figures:

“93 Percent of Active iOS Users Are Running iOS 6.” Looks a little different than Android’s numbers.

Andreas Constantinou just tweeted:

State of the fragmented nation: Android vs iOS. One picture, a thousand words,

with a link to a “technically accurate” but ultimately dishonest chart comparing iOS distribution (apples) to Android distribution (oranges) by version.

It’s dishonest, of course, because the topic of vertical integration as compared to de-coupling core apps to ensure consistent API access across OS versions is worth at least a thousand words. Inaccurate comparisons and trite, offhanded comments are plain FUD, but hey: page views and retweets.

So anyway, I fixed it for them.




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