YouTube Playlist: Every* Michael Jordan Game

NBA Reddit is a special place in the off-season. As well as keeping track of trades, rumours and drama, the subreddit also embraces tangents and absurdity. It can also be a time to focus on NBA history, hypotheticals or player appreciation.

In this off-season spirit, Reddit user u/rumbolz spent a few hours a day over the course of the week building a YouTube playlist of every single Michael Jordan game that’s available on YouTube. That’s an enormous 862 games.

It’s worth noting that, despite all this work, there are still 210 career games missing – but this is everything rumbolz was able to find on YouTube.

For some reason a lot of his Wizards games [are missing] and quite a bit from the 80s, but I don’t think we’re missing a single playoff game, and pretty much every game from the 90s [is there].


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