Will Mirror’s Edge 2 and Tony Hawk’s 5 revive the idea of playful space in video games?

“In Mirror’s Edge, the environment becomes an extension of the body and the senses in a very intimate way; in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater the environment becomes a playground. In both, space is something to be read, interpreted and understood, like a language, like a relationship. Only games can do this, of course, because only games give us a world and put us in it and say: come in, touch this, feel this, be this. The true beauty of any game world is not how it looks, it’s how it plays.”


Sony is at the forefront of mobile photography innovation

One year ago I tweeted:

“If you haven’t been paying attention, the consumer camera space is erupting right now. Phone cameras lit a fire under the incumbents.”

That was before Sony released the critically acclaimed RX100 (and it’s follow up, the RX100M2). Sony has been pushing extremely hard in this space, releasing innovative and exciting cameras to consumers, while doing great things with glass and image quality at these reduced sizes.

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