Street art. Brunswick, Melbourne.

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The Atlantic’s Alan Taylor collects a selection outstanding shots from the Red Bull Illume Image Quest photo competition.

Photo credit: © Dimitrios Kontizas/Red Bull Illume

OK, you already knew the Gregory Brothers were amazing… but this is a genius work.


VHS. Tivo. Netflix. TV has been ripe for disruption for decades, and while slow but important inroads have been made in both distribution and time shifting, you’ve always needed the same appliances to get the actual content onto that big screen in your living room: bunny ears, a cable from the wall, set top boxes.

Cheap, powerful computing eventually democratised music recording and cheap, high-quality cameras eventually democratised video and film. Will the affordable, easy-to-use Chromecast democratise what screens on your TV every day?

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Affordable high-res cameras and accessible editing software have democratised video. Skateboarding is one of those sub-niches where filmmakers can explore and push the medium… even just on weekends.

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David Guttenfelder is Instagraming from inside North Korea. Some amazing (haunting?) video too.


(Not really) BREAKING NEWS

Traditional news media has struggled to keep up with the real-time revolution of Twitter and other social media when it comes to breaking events. CCN’s botching of the live Boston Bombing coverage is well documented, and national TV news was nowhere to be seen during Wendy Davis’s filibustering of the controversial Texas abortion bill.

So it’s with a heavy dose of unintended irony that, with nearly 9 months advance notice with which to get organised, traditional media subjected us to repeated live crosses to the hospital where the #royalbaby would be born, with literally no news to deliver.

In case you missed that: traditional news media gave us continual, real-time updates of NO ACTUAL NEWS.

Last night a ticker ran across the bottom of my TV screen with:

Spokesperson: Things are progressing normally.

Prince Charles was shown on his way into the hospital with this exclusive quote:

“I have absolutely no information.”

No information? Don’t fucking report it then.

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How to add an Instagram bbcode to your phpBB forum and allow picture and video embeds:

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Inspirational stuff, and great news for USA Rugby’s relevance.

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Love this series by Peter Drew.

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If you’re wanting to allow users of your phpBB forum to embed their Vines, here you go:

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“Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book”: Longread

When Culosi, barefoot and clad in a T-shirt and jeans, stepped out of his house to meet the man he thought was a friend, the SWAT team began to move in. Seconds later, Det. Deval Bullock, who had been on duty since 4:00 AM and hadn’t slept in seventeen hours, fired a bullet that pierced Culosi’s heart.

Sal Culosi’s last words were to Baucum, the cop he thought was a friend: “Dude, what are you doing?”

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Photo credit: Public Affairs Books/Jenna Pope, via Salon.

There are moments of supreme beauty and greatness on this record, and then some of it is the same old shit. But the guy really, really, really is talented. He’s really trying to raise the bar. No one’s near doing what he’s doing, it’s not even on the same planet.

Yeezus is a critically divisive album. It’s absolutely worth reading Lou’s full review on Talkhouse.

We’re in a weird point in time when it feels like All The Content In The World is available digitally, but often that’s not the case.

There’s a weird bermuda triangle of content that sits in the early 90’s, when cassette tapes were king and CD’s were just starting to get a foothold. Many of these albums run the risk of being lost to time.

One such album is Phase III by SFC (Soldiers for Christ) released in 1992. With solid rap and even better beats/samples and turntablism, it’s a consistently great album. Currently there’s no digital sales of Phase III, and 2nd hand CD copies are currently going for upward of USD$45.

Some gentleman dropped the album on Soundcloud. Enjoy!

An aside: regardless of your opinion toward religion or christianity, if you’re a hip hop fan it’s worth looking into the history of christian hip hop. Some legit stuff came out of the scene in the early 90’s in particular. It can be extremely tough to hunt down any info on these groups, but it’s worth checking out Freedom of Soul – The 2nd Coming (1994) and LPG – The Earthworm (1995).


Steven Adams, first NZer to be drafted into the NBA

Today the Oklahoma City Thunder gained about 4 million additional fans as they drafted Steven Adams, the first New Zealand born player to be selected in the first round of the NBA Draft.

NBA.com posted a great background story on Adams.

Raised in Rotorua, New Zealand, Steven is the youngest of 18 children born to Sid Adams, a near-seven-foot-tall English Navy man.

Sid’s atypical size proved to be a blessing for his children. On average, the males in the Adams clan stand about 6’10”, and the women, 6’5”. Six of Steven’s brothers have played for New Zealand’s national basketball team and his half-sister, Valerie Kasanita Vili-Adams, is a 2008 Olympic champion and a three-time world champion in shot put. Amazingly, despite his 7’0”, 255-pound body, Steven did not begin taking basketball seriously until 2007.

In 2006, Adams’ father, then in his mid-70s, died. At just 13 years of age, Steven became disillusioned and began to act out.

Crazy side-story:

After being drafted Adams got a flurry of tweets from his new teammates, welcoming him to the Thunder.

But James Harden, traded away from the Thunder just over a year ago for some pocket lint and a bag of chips, allegedly tweeted (then deleted):

“Steven Adams loooooooooooooooool”

It was suspect that despite thousands of retweets, there were no screenshots of the tweet. Harden says he doesn’t know what’s going on.

Image credit: collegebasketball.ap.org

Noted Apple-banger, all round reality distortionaire and snarktopus, John Gruber, recently posted these figures:

“93 Percent of Active iOS Users Are Running iOS 6.” Looks a little different than Android’s numbers.

Andreas Constantinou just tweeted:

State of the fragmented nation: Android vs iOS. One picture, a thousand words,

with a link to a “technically accurate” but ultimately dishonest chart comparing iOS distribution (apples) to Android distribution (oranges) by version.

It’s dishonest, of course, because the topic of vertical integration as compared to de-coupling core apps to ensure consistent API access across OS versions is worth at least a thousand words. Inaccurate comparisons and trite, offhanded comments are plain FUD, but hey: page views and retweets.

So anyway, I fixed it for them.