Google Play Music: Fix Incorrect Match

Google Play Music: Fix Incorrect Match

If you’ve been wondering what to do when Google picks a bad match for one of your uploaded songs, wonder no more: you can force Play Music to revert to your original upload using the web interface.

Go to: My Library > List by Songs > Filter: Purchased and Uploaded — then right click and Fix Incorrect Match.

Via: @GooglePlayMusic & @AndrewKam

Google Save

Google Saves

So Google Save is pretty interesting. I tend to keep stuff in a weird combination of Pocket (for articles), Pinterest (for mood board stuff), a Twitter “read later” list and a few other places. I wonder if this could become a real catch-all for me.

A few observations:

  • You can edit the link title AND description, which is pretty interesting
  • No inline player for YouTube, seem like an oversight
  • No reading mode, so Pocket will still be my go-to place for a raw reading list
  • This seems best used for making Collections of links – think: researching a topic, or collecting links on areas of specific interest
  • You can’t currently share a Tag/collection, but surely that’s coming…


Thinking out loud: Audio Articles

The more I think about this the more sense it makes. If you’ve invested time and resources into a feature article, you’re absolutely stark raving mad if you don’t release an audio version of the article simultaneously.

Paying for mobile games

“It’s time to embrace $10 games on Android. We’re quickly reaching a point where new technology is going to demand a greater expense for a better product, and there’s no reason any game developer that creates something to entertain you for 2+ hours a week for months is considered less valuable than whatever you had for lunch today.”

Russell Holly writing for Android Central

The problem for me here is one of comparisons. I’ll happily pay $10 for a game – but what do I consider $10 worth of value?

On sale, Ori and the Blind Forest was $12, and the Abe’s Oddysee remake is currently $10.

To my mind Alto’s Adventure is sure as hell not worth $10. I’d pay $5 to completely remove the ads I suppose – but now I’m acting all arbitrary. (PS – it’s a good game and you should check it out).

I can understand the idea: “games are worth more, so developers should charge more, and gamers should spend more”, but I think the reality is a bit more complex than that.


NBA 2K just dropped their #WINNING (why not #TIGERBLOOD?) trailer. It’s interesting. Some stuff looks genuinely great, and other stuff looks, well, weird. Here’s a few GIFs calling out some points of interest:

BS 2000 – Simply Mortified

Remember when you had to buy magazines to find our about weird little off-shoot bands, then order the CD from overseas? Every once in a while I remember an obscure album from the early 2000’s and have a hell of a time tracking it down. Simply Mortified was easy to find on YouTube at least…

BS 2000 is the name of a musical side project of Beastie Boys’ Adam “Adrock” Horovitz and Amery “AWOL” Smith also with tracks featuring Janay North. In 1997, BS 2000 released their vinyl-only self-titled debut. Simply Mortified was the final release through the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal label.” – Wiki

Props to mdacv for sharing files for this rare album! (dl)

Precious memories


“Wait a second! I’m not big boned, I’m just fat!”

Facebook really nailing those poignant memories.

Dream Diary

New psychedelic hiphop from my pal, So Much Lasagne.

Inspired by Middle Eastern rev heads, spirulina, NBA action and classic and hazy hip-hop beats, Dream Diary is an ode to doing your own thing and not being forced to finish it until you know it’s ready. – Noisey

More from him on Instagram.
Noisey (Vice) interview.