I get many requests to support other keyboard apps, however this compatibility is driven by the keyboard app developers, not the keyboard skin. HD Keyboard Skins are based on the Better Keyboard skin template. Many Android keyboard applications enable this skin format including: Smart Keyboard Pro, Ultra Keyboard, Perfect Keyboard, TSwipe-Pro keyboard, ICS Keyboard Donation (Note: not stock ICS), Better Keyboard (Amazon or SlideMe).

Offer for support

I’d like to reach out to any and all keyboard developers who currently don’t support 3rd party skins including SwiftKey, Swype, Multiling, FlexT9, Thumb Keyboard, AnySoftKeyboard, SlideIT and more: I’d love to work with you to bring a 3rd party skin ecosystem to your keyboard apps. Please contact me to discuss skin support; your customers are asking for it!

Use my skins in your app

My growing skin catalogue is young, but already has over half a million downloads and average ratings of over 4.5 stars, and I’m also currently the only skin developer supporting xhdpi (for Galaxy Nexus and all other HD screens).

I’m very open to discussion around packaging one or more of my skins in your app. I’m extremely flexible with license terms, and willing to discuss exclusivity. I’m also very happy to discuss the creation of exclusive skins for your app.

View all HD Keyboard Skins here.


Please contact me for any discussions on skin support or partnerships. Templates can be provided on request to assist you with integrating skins.

Email: punyweakling (at) gmail (dot) com
Google+: HD Keyboard Skins
Google+: punyweakling

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