Real Quality

Real HD Keyboard Skins by punyweakling are crafted to pixel-level detail. Dedicated attention to detail and a laser-like focus on quality means you’ll see none of the blur you’re used to from other so-called “high def” skins.

Compare the best:

To the rest:

Why stop there?

So the themes are crisp and sharp, but why stop there? Are you sick of seeing your launcher filling up with ugly icons? I put time and care into my skins so they look great on your phone. The icon not only represents the theme, but it takes up valuable room in your apps drawer. I aim to offer high quality from the theme itself down into the launcher icon. If it’s going to be there it better look good.

Of course, for an app you’re meant to launch from within another app there’s no point keeping the icons in the app drawer is there? Now you can remove the icon from the launcher with a single click.

The app counts too

Launching a skin can be a confusing experience. The app itself doesn’t really do anything by launching, but rather it is applied from inside another app. This is difficult for people who are new to keyboard skins to understand so some skin apps offer a help screen. But it doesn’t need to be ugly does it?

Helping shouldn’t hurt your eyes: