HD Keyboard Skins by @punyweakling need to be activated from within a replacement keyboard app (such as Kii Keyboard, Smart Keyboard or Ultra Keyboard). They can NOT be activated on the stock Android keyboard or any preinstalled keyboard such as HTC IME, Swype, or SwiftKey.

Hate reading? Watch the 2 minute tutorial video!

Want to use these HD Keyboard Skins on your device and not sure how? Read on!

Keyboard apps
Google Play links
Using Android Keyboards
Applying Skins/Themes


Most of the functions of your Android phone are able to replaced with other apps and set to default. Examples are camera apps, browser apps, SMS apps and even keyboard apps. The normal way to replace a default app is to install the app, then use the function that normally launches the default app. Android will ask you which app to use to complete the action (a choice between the stock camera and a new camera app you’ve just downloaded, for example) and then you’re on your way.

There are MANY keyboard replacements on Google Pay and each offers great extra features and improvements on the stock keyboard experience. Among other features, some keyboard apps allow you to skin the look of your keyboard. To use HD Keyboard Skins by @punyweakling you must be using a keyboard replacement that allows skins/themes.

Keyboard apps

These skins are tested fairly extensively on Kii Keyboard. They should also work fine on Ultra Keyboard, Perfect Keyboard and Smart Keyboard which I test on sometimes but not extensively. My skins may work with some other keyboard replacement apps (if they do please let me know) but I recommend trying, then buying, one of the great replacements below.

Market Links

Try the free/trial versions before you buy. Remember the Market has a 15 minute refund policy.

Using Keyboards in Android

  • Download and install the keyboard app from Google Play.
  • Go to Settings > Language and Keyboard. Tap the checkbox next to your newly installed keyboard app. A standard Android warning will pop-up regarding replacement keyboard use. (In order to read your keyboard input the app must know what keys you are pressing. Every keyboard replacement issues this warning. If this bothers you then spend some time reading reviews of the keyboard app to see what other users think. It’s generally accepted that Kii, Ultra, Perfect and Smart KP are safe and trustworthy developers). Press OK.
  • In any text input field long-press, then choose “Input method”. Choose your new keyboard app from the list, then wait while your new keyboard app launches for the first time.

Applying Skins/Themes

Kii Keyboard: Theme & Background Size > Designer themes > Select and apply theme

Smart Keyboard Pro: long press “?123” key > General settings > Select skin

Ultra Keyboard: long press “?123” key > Themes


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