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  • Lego X Atari 2600

    Be still, my beating heart.

    Preorders for the most beautiful Lego crossover of all time go live on 22nd September 2022, for an eye-watering AUD $369.00.

  • Atari VCS

    The “VCS” stands for Very Cool and Sexy, surely.

    Worth it, just for the looks?

    I have a real affinity for this 2600 retro styling – it was the first gaming machine I ever owned (the Jr to be specific). Months and months of mindlessly delivering leaflets around the neighbourhood was all worth it!

    And yes, in case you were wondering, I achieved ‘Neo at the end of the Matrix’ level zen-skills at Enduro.

    The Atari VCS will be available later this year for between $250-300. That seems expensive.