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  • Lego X Atari 2600

    Be still, my beating heart.

    Preorders for the most beautiful Lego crossover of all time go live on 22nd September 2022, for an eye-watering AUD $369.00.

  • The best game Ubisoft won’t let you play

    Nick Robinson takes an entertaining look back at Driver: San Fransico – including a 3 minute diversion into paying for a game with a Subway giftcard, and discussion around the de-listing of the game.

    You can sign the petition to bring some visibility to the desire to have it re-listed on digital storefronts here.

  • The Game That Never Was

    This game was unfortunately canceled, but not before the developer got Giant Ant on board to create this gorgeous trailer.

    Via @metkis and @epautz.

  • Console kicks

    In February 2018, Nike dropped the Paul George X PlayStation crossover kicks.

    And now at E3 2018 it seems a bunch of “Xbox spokespersons and key influencers” have been rocking custom Xbox Jordan 1’s.

    Both look a bit better than the old Air Force One PlayStations, although some of these Nintendo Vans are pretty dope.

  • Red Dead 4K: The Redemptioning

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    In the midst of announcing a massive drop of backwards compatible and enhanced games, Microsoft released a 500MB update to Red Dead Redemption enabling 4K on the world’s most powerful console.

    Yes, this is a 4K screencap of a 2010 console game.

    This. Is. Fucking. Amazing.

    Most observers reckoned 4K for RDR would never come due to the engineering of the game – many thought the resolution was baked-in for performance reasons. But it seems the Back Compat team at Microsoft are wizards indeed.

    So how does it look?


    I mean, it’s ridiculous how good it looks. The 360 version (which is also what ran on the initial Back Compat version) was noticeably blurry and shimmery, especially in motion. It still looked great though, and you did get the impression that R* had put a lot more under the hood than the hardware was capable of displaying. And now we know that’s the case.

    The result is that Read Dead Redemption is now – again – a joy to play.

    More Red Dead:

    Finding John Marsden – A wonderful short doc from Polygon about Rob Weithoff, the voice of John Marsden

    In depth review (thinreaper) – One of the best game reviews/critiques I’ve ever invested an hour and a half in

  • Watch Dogs 2 – A Tale Told Before Its Time

    David Rayfield:

    But let’s turn the clock back to 8th November 2016 again. Trump is elected as US President because of three things: 25% of America votes for him, 25% of America votes for Hillary and 50% of America chose not to vote at all. The world’s jaw drops to the floor. Everyone underestimated this gibbering, damaged man-child and now he’s got his finger on the button. Nobody is in a state to comprehend everyday life because nobody is talking about anything else.

    Every conversation inevitably turned to Trump and how this could have happened. What do we do now? What could we have done differently? How badly will this affect everyone outside of America even though the rest of the world had no say in this catastrophe? What we took as normal is thrown out the window and we begin to contemplate just how crazy everything will become. The entire world has changed.

    One week later, Watch Dogs 2 is released.

    I loved Watch Dogs 2. Loved it. It’s fascinating to revisit it as a piece of art, and examine the themes and narrative in the context of today’s techno-political climate.

    PS, Ubisoft, please give this game the 4K update for Xbox that it so obviously deserves. y u no

  • Atari VCS

    The “VCS” stands for Very Cool and Sexy, surely.

    Worth it, just for the looks?

    I have a real affinity for this 2600 retro styling – it was the first gaming machine I ever owned (the Jr to be specific). Months and months of mindlessly delivering leaflets around the neighbourhood was all worth it!

    And yes, in case you were wondering, I achieved ‘Neo at the end of the Matrix’ level zen-skills at Enduro.

    The Atari VCS will be available later this year for between $250-300. That seems expensive.

  • The Duke: Nostalgia done right

    You can even buy one.

  • Get Hype, Get Derp

    I’ll still play this when it, maybe, perhaps, eventually drops on Xbone.


  • Humans fighting giant beasts! I’ll pass.


    How many games shown at E3 featured humans fighting giants, or giant beasts, or zombies? I’ll admit the games look well executed, but can we get some new concepts? God damn.

    Over the last few days I’ve actually convinced myself that Steep from Ubisoft might be a game I could really get into. The intro/reveal felt stiff (can scripted game intros get any worse?) but the idea of it has grown on me. I described it to a friend as Skate but on a mountain range – which seems like a phrase the PR people should have used to sell it.

    Increasingly I’m looking for fun gameplay experiences that don’t demand solid 2-3 hour blocks of my time (sorry, Metal Gear Solid V, I love you so much but I’m also a husband and dad). Ori and the Blind Forest filled that spot really well for me – a game that is as rewarding in 20 minute blocks as it is in 2 hours of play.

    Steep genuinely looks like something I can add into my unwind-at-home routine really easily: an open world mountain I can ride pretty much endlessly, while finding new lines and spots.

    Register for the Steep beta.
    15 mins of gameplay (Polygon).
    15 mins of gameplay (IGN).