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ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History

Some thoughts:

  • Lavine vs Gordon is the gold standard in 1v1 dunk contests
  • Gordon’s two mascot dunks are both top ten all time dunk contest dunks
  • Jordan had an innate understanding of how his dunks would photograph (always watch his off-hand)
  • What is it about Dominique’s off the backboard one-hander that is so good?
  • Ceballos’ blindfold dunk is whack af
  • Des Mason is a underrated dunker
  • Josh Smith too
  • Nate had some hops boy
  • Lol at Spud Web getting any 50s at all
  • I forgot about the McGee double dunk
  • Also forgot about Oladipo’s 360 reverse goddamn
  • Controversial opinion: Jason Richardson might have better one-hand windmills than ‘Nique

Ellen is Leaving

Ellen is cool. She is recycling stuff before she heads overseas including her boyfriend. She decides to gift him to a new girlfriend, but can she really give him up?

Starring Tai Berdinner Blades, Jack Sergent-Shadbolt, and Rose Young
Written by Martha Hardy-Ward
Directed by Michelle Savill

For more by NZ director, Michelle Savill (who I know from my Hamiltron days), check out her doco for Vice, The Last Man of Mahana.

Steamed Hams

Does this interpreting non-music into music genre have a name?

Get Hype, Get Derp

I’ll still play this when it, maybe, perhaps, eventually drops on Xbone.


Humans fighting giant beasts! I’ll pass.

How many games shown at E3 featured humans fighting giants, or giant beasts, or zombies? I’ll admit the games look well executed, but can we get some new concepts? God damn.

Over the last few days I’ve actually convinced myself that Steep from Ubisoft might be a game I could really get into. The intro/reveal felt stiff (can scripted game intros get any worse?) but the idea of it has grown on me. I described it to a friend as Skate but on a mountain range – which seems like a phrase the PR people should have used to sell it.

Increasingly I’m looking for fun gameplay experiences that don’t demand solid 2-3 hour blocks of my time (sorry, Metal Gear Solid V, I love you so much but I’m also a husband and dad). Ori and the Blind Forest filled that spot really well for me – a game that is as rewarding in 20 minute blocks as it is in 2 hours of play.

Steep genuinely looks like something I can add into my unwind-at-home routine really easily: an open world mountain I can ride pretty much endlessly, while finding new lines and spots.

Register for the Steep beta.
15 mins of gameplay (Polygon).
15 mins of gameplay (IGN).


NBA 2K just dropped their #WINNING (why not #TIGERBLOOD?) trailer. It’s interesting. Some stuff looks genuinely great, and other stuff looks, well, weird. Here’s a few GIFs calling out some points of interest: