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#Chromecasting: A full scene-by-scene 1hr 50min remake of Robocop by a group of filmmakers from around the globe. This is completely insane. And I love it.

Via: @simianlines

A montage of Best Visual Effects Oscar winners from 1977 to 2012.

Worth a watch in light of Amazon’s Prime Air teaser from yesterday: Drone On: the Future of UAV Over the US.

Via: Motherboard.

Easily the best graffiti video I’ve seen in a long, long time.

If he can play the whole season Derrick Rose will win the NBA MVP in 2014.

A lot of people are banking on LeBron winning it, becoming the first player ever to win 5 MVPs in 6 years. It won’t happen – the Rose story of coming back to overcome such a severe injury is too inviting for the MVP voters.

In 2004/05 Steve Nash won the MVP. His stats: 15 PPG, 11APG, 3 boards and a steal.

Allen Iverson that same year: 31PPG, 7.9 APG, 4 boards, 2.5 steals.

The reason Nash won wasn’t because he really deserved it – it was because at the start of the season every reporter ranked the Suns around to 6-8 seed in the West. Phoenix ended up winning 62 games for the leagues best record, which was a huge shock to all those reporters (and made them look a little stupid). And who votes for MVP? The press.

It doesn’t matter if LeBron ends the season with better stats than Rose – it’s about the story. If the Bulls win 50+ games and Rose plays most of the season he’s a lock for MVP…

UPDATE: Rose is out for the remainder of the season after meniscus surgery. Brutal.

“You can’t have one foot in gangsterism and tagging and all that mess, and play cricket too. One or the other.”

Compton Cricket Club, via Grantland.

More on the CCC (or the “Homies and the Popz”) on Wikipedia.

Without question the most epic skate video of all time.

OK, you already knew the Gregory Brothers were amazing… but this is a genius work.

Affordable high-res cameras and accessible editing software have democratised video. Skateboarding is one of those sub-niches where filmmakers can explore and push the medium… even just on weekends.

Via Kottke.

Inspirational stuff, and great news for USA Rugby’s relevance.

Via Grantland.

An epic telling (serious how epic is this clip) of how the Curiosity Rover will land on Mars. This is happening August 6th, people. Mark it down.